Holistic Health and Healing  with Tina Danielson, MD
Tina/Dr. Christine Danielson, retired family practice doctor, is available for private sessions
@ your home and
@Mystic Light Center,
2825 North Tenth Street,
St Augustine, Florida.

Tina is a retired western medicine trained Family Practice doctor who now provides Holistic Health Consulting, Coaching and Energy Treatments as well as Intuitive Spiritual Counseling. As a
Medical Reiki Intuitive, Psychic Spiritual Counselor, and Medium Channeler she provides intuitive Readings, Energy Reiki, HeartMath® Teaching, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Mediumship Messaging. She and Pixy Kauble offer Mystic Farms Retreats with Equine Emotional Awareness exercises with Tina's horses Trigger and Danny Boy. Tina teaches and coaches many areas of energy and intuitive development. Schedule a private session today, join a workshop at Mystic Light Center, or come to a retreat @ Mystic Farms Retreats in St Augustine, Fl.

As a retired MD,Tina also offers medical advocacy and counseling with experience in both the western and holistic medical fields. Let her help you understand your test results, meds, therapy and options with a Western, Holistic and Energy Medicine perspective.

Along with private sessions she offers classes and workshops and retreats. Click the link below to see her events at Mystic Light Center in St Augustine and Mystic Farms Retreats, or email Tina through her @ cdmdconsulting@yahoo.com and mysticfarmsretreats@gmail.com
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To schedule private medical reiki healing sessions, mediumship reading, mystic development counseling or health consultations:
Call or text Dr. Tina @ 920-858-1668.

As a Wellness Educator and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Tina shares her medical knowledge, holistic perspective, and energy treatments to help individuals meet their physical, emotional and "energetic body" needs to stay healthy and vibrant.
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Health Consultant
  • HeartMath®Biofeedback
  • Personal Medical Advocate
  • Instructor/Teacher
  • Workshops
  • Meditation
  • Mediumship
  • Mystic Coach