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As a Medium Channeler, Tina is able to give messages to clients from their loved ones on the other side. In service to Spirit, she'll validate their presence in your past and now and pass on messages they have for you at this point in time. Schedule a private reading today or arrange for a Gallery Party with you and your friends.

Mystic Development Coach

Exploring Energy and your personal gifts is evolving exponentially. Tina Danielson MD, retired from western medicine, integrates years of teaching traditional science with teaching and coaching the mystic arts. All senses are natural and can be enhanced and explored. Doing so with safety, guidelines, ethics and practical lessons enhances your development and understanding. Safety first. Learn what is necessary. Learn how to explore your interest. Learn how to expand your skills. Coaching is a long respected profession, and it applies to the mystic arts as well as personal development Call Tina today for a consultation 920-858-1668