Past Life Therapy

Dr Morris Netherington developed the Past Life Therapy method.  As a pschologist for over 50 years, he passed on his training through Dr Norm Shealy at Shealy Wellness Center.  Past Life Therapy is work.  You are trying to resolve issues that you can not find a source for or resolution from. Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain, depression - these may have their source in your subconscious.  Your subconscious runs 24/7, recording everything. Even when you are unconscious. If you don't interpret events appropriately during a past life or an unconscious event, your energy patterns will be determined by your subconscious. With PLT we can consciously integrate what was an unknown memory into the present. This allows you to shed light on an issue and figure out how to improve the affects it has been effecting on your life. With knowledge and insight, you can rescript what your subconscious will now carry forward. Put your intentions into thriving in this life. Health and Healing. Happiness and well beinging in  mind, body, and soul.

COST: $200/session.  Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours.


Phone # 920-858-1668